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Virtual Kids Touch Screen Table


Virtual Kids Touch Screen Table

We are specialized in Image analysis technology and Laser Touch Technology (projection touch technology), which can turn any projection screen into a virtual touch screen. We have applied for / obtained more than 20 patents.  We are the only manufacturer who can produce of projection touch technology production in mass in China.Virtual touch screen can be applied in many fields, such as information Kiosk, self-service kiosk, learning tablet, interactive advertising kiosk, merchandise display, etc. Traditional LCD touch screens have hundreds of millions of sales worldwide each year, However virtual touch screens will gradually replace some of them in the market.  Currently, the companies are integrated our touch module into their products,such as Acer, ViewSonic etc. In April 2018. Our company is listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange Center, the stock code 300200. 

Lazertouch kids virtual touch screen table
Lazertouch kids virtual touch screen kiosk adopts laser image calibration technology and led projection technology, which can turn any flat table into a virtual touch screen with built-in Android or Windows system.Compared with the traditional virtual all-in-one machine for preschool education, it adopts  projection light; it is close to natural light; it  does not hurt the eyes; and it protects children's eyesight. The technology design can stimulate children's curiosity and learning interest.

1. It uses projection to display and form a diffuse reflection image on the table. The light is reflected to the eyes by the table to protect the eyesight. Meanwhile it adopts laser image calibration technology to turn the image into a touch screen.

The tablet PC screen reflects the light into eyes directly which damage the eyesight.

2.Strong sense of science and technology: Compared with the tablet PC,it adopts laser image calibration technology which can stimulate children's curiosity and learning interest.
3. There is no background and no screen border on projection screen, more realistic 3D effect.
4.Multi touch:10 points.
5.Supports plenty of gestures recognition.
6.Active size range from 21-50inch。
7.Cool experience:3D/holographic transparent display and touch on acrylic/glass surface
8. LED projector, lamp lifetime is 20k-30k hours

Operating system:Android 5.1
CPU item:MTK8735
Resolution ratio:1280*720P
Projection size:21 inch
Projection ratio:0.72:1
Brightness:150 lumens
Optical engine life:30000 hours
Trapezoid Correction:±30°
Off-axis function:100%
WIFI       :2.4G/5G

Early Learning Center/Kindergarten Learning, Entertainment

Gestures Recognition
Gestures recognition in Android

Laser Image Calibration Technology (LICT)
It is integrated a ir laser module in the bottom of projector which emits infrared laser curtain on the surface which is about 1mm thick invisible light and parallel with the projection screen surface, 1-2mm above the screen surface. When the finger or any non-transparent object touch this virtual surface, the light will be reflected and detected by the sensor. Computer will figure out the position of the mouse by accurate calculating the reflected light position.

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